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YR&C 2012 Picnic

September 10, 2012 2:19 pm


How about a nice welcome for our 2 newest members who were at our 2012 YR&C Picnic this Sunday!

Mike Powell and Keith Zibreg

2011 Summer Picnic

April 22, 2012 5:36 pm

  img_1512rr.jpg   img_1515rs.jpg

img_1496r.jpgimg_1491r.jpg  img_1504r.jpg  img_1486r.jpg  img_1485r.jpg  img_1487r.jpg  img_1517r.jpg  img_1510r.jpg  img_1502r.jpgimg_1509r.jpg  img_1493r.jpg  img_1505r.jpg img_1490r.jpg img_1498r.jpg  img_1504r.jpg  img_1517r.jpg  img_1489r.jpg  img_1492rr.jpg  picnicr.jpg  img_1508rr.jpg

Detroit Autorama 2012

April 21, 2012 2:33 pm

  img_1798r.jpg img_1797r.jpg  img_1733r.jpgimg_1724r.jpg    img_1770r.jpg  img_1739r.jpg   img_1729r.jpg  img_1725r.jpg   img_1771r.jpg  img_1791r.jpg  img_1728r.jpg  img_1719r.jpg  img_1734r.jpg   img_1735r.jpg  img_1750r.jpg  img_1736r.jpg  img_1757r.jpg    img_1778r.jpg  img_1783r.jpg  img_1785r.jpg  img_1788r.jpg  img_1718r.jpg  img_1723r.jpg  img_1721r.jpg  img_1737r.jpg  img_1738r.jpg img_1741r.jpg img_1742r.jpg  img_1743r.jpg  img_1747r.jpg  img_1748r.jpg  img_1749r.jpg  img_1753r.jpg  img_1754r.jpg  img_1760r.jpg  img_1765r.jpg  img_1766r.jpg  img_1767r.jpg  img_1769r.jpg  img_1772r.jpg  img_1773r.jpg  img_1775r.jpg  img_1776r.jpg  img_1779r.jpg  img_1777r.jpg  img_1781r.jpg  img_1784r.jpg  img_1786r.jpg  img_1787r.jpg  img_1745r.jpg  img_1744r.jpg img_1746r.jpg

A&W: Goodbye Old Friend! Thanks for the Memories!

10:44 am

As you all know, Rick Thompson decided it was time to retire and in December the A&W on 224 and West Blvd closed!

We will all miss our favorite Cruises at the A&W but will keep our memories! I will be posting pictures and will gladly include yours!


Cs Waffles June 29, 2011

July 1, 2011 6:27 pm

   photo3.jpg    photo5.jpg   photo4.jpg     photo2.jpg   photo1.jpg   club choice   photo6.jpg   photo8.jpg

2011 Detroit Autorama

May 3, 2011 2:24 pm

cimg0043.jpg   cimg0042.jpg  A good time was had by all!   cimg0027.jpg   cimg0029.jpg   cimg0030.jpg  cimg0031.jpg   cimg0032.jpg  cimg0033.jpgcimg0034.jpg  cimg0035.jpg   cimg0036.jpg cimg0037.jpg   cimg0038.jpg   cimg0039.jpg   cimg0040.jpg   cimg0041.jpg   cimg0044.jpg   cimg0046.jpg  cimg0047.jpg   cimg0049.jpg   cimg0050.jpg   cimg0051.jpg  cimg0052.jpg  cimg0055.jpg  cimg0056.jpg  cimg0058.jpg  cimg0059.jpg  cimg0060.jpg   cimg0061.jpg

2011 Winter Party

1:55 pm

YR&C 2011   img_7226.JPG  img_7224.JPG  img_7223.JPG    img_7223_2.JPG   img_7221.JPG  img_7225.JPG  img_7227.JPG  img_7229.JPG  img_7232.JPG    img_7231.JPG   img_7230.JPG  img_7222.JPG

2010 Autorama

March 20, 2010 2:44 pm

img_5253.jpg   img_5297.jpg  img_5264.jpg  img_5265.jpg      img_5246.jpg     img_5269.jpg  img_5274.jpg  img_5272.jpg  img_5262.jpg  img_5256.jpg  img_5250.jpg  img_5251.jpg  img_5260.jpg  img_5266.jpg  img_5261.jpg  img_5247.jpg  img_5248.jpg  img_5249.jpg  img_5255.jpg    img_5276.jpg  img_5259.jpg  img_5257.jpgimg_5263.jpg  img_5267.jpg  img_5273.jpg  img_5275.jpg    img_5277.jpg  img_5278.jpg  img_5281.jpg  img_5282.jpg    img_5284.jpg  img_5285.jpg  img_5283.jpg  img_5288.jpg  img_5289.jpg  img_5290.jpg  img_5287.jpgimg_5293.jpg  img_5291.jpg  img_5292.jpg  img_5295.jpg  img_5296.jpg  img_5298.jpg  img_5299.jpg  img_5300.jpg  img_5301.jpg  img_5302.jpg  img_5303.jpg  img_5304.jpg  img_5305.jpg  img_5306.jpg  img_5307.jpg  img_5308.jpg    img_5310.jpg  img_5311.jpg  img_5312.jpg  img_5314.jpg  img_5316.jpg  img_5315.jpg  img_5309.jpg  img_5317.jpg  img_5318.jpg

2010 Winter Party

February 5, 2010 11:16 am

Here’s a few pictures from this years Winter Party!  If you have any you would like to add, let Loretta Ekoniak know!party2.jpg   img_5085.JPG  party3.jpg        img_5074.JPG     img_5079.JPG    img_5066.JPG  img_5067.JPG  party7.jpg  party17.jpg  party1.jpg   party18.jpg     party16.jpg  party15.jpg  party12.jpg  party11.jpg   party10.jpg  party9.jpg  party81.jpg party6.jpg

2009 End of Summer Picnic

September 22, 2009 9:18 am

   img_4863.jpg   img_4868.jpg  img_4867.jpg  img_4866.jpg  img_4865.jpg     img_4874.jpgimg_4872.jpg  img_4873_2.jpg  img_4861.jpg   img_4858.jpg  img_4857.jpg  img_4856.jpg  img_4855.jpg  img_4854.jpg  img_4853_2.jpg  img_4853.jpg  img_4848.jpg  img_4852.jpg  img_4851.jpg  img_4850.jpg  img_4849.jpg  img_4847.jpg  img_4845.jpg  img_4844.jpg   img_4846.jpg   img_4843.jpg img_4834.jpg   img_4840.jpg   img_4841.jpg  img_4835.jpg   img_4838.jpg   img_4839.jpg   img_4836.jpg  img_4832.jpg  img_4831-1.jpg  img_4830.jpg  img_4823.jpg  img_4829.jpg  img_4828.jpg  img_4826.jpg   img_4873.jpg   img_4827.jpg