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2008 Club Picnic

September 25, 2008 11:06 am

img_3975.jpg  img_3974.jpg  img_3973.jpg  img_3972.jpg  img_3971.jpg  img_3970.jpg  img_3969.jpg  img_3968.jpg  img_3967.jpg  img_3966.jpg  img_3965.jpg   img_3964.jpg   img_3963.jpg  img_3961.jpg  img_3960.jpg  img_3959.jpg  img_3958_4.jpg  img_3957_4.jpg  img_3956_4.jpg  img_3955_4.jpg  img_3954_4-1.jpg  ONCE AGAIN WE HAD A GREAT DAY AT CHESTNUT RIDGE AND FOR ONCE HAD A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY, TOO!  IF YOU WERE’NT THERE, YOU MISSED A GOOD TIME.  remember…click on the picture to see a larger version!

You know you are from Youngstown if…

10:41 am

You know are from Youngstown if...

Give yourself one point for each one that applies. And enjoy! 8)

  1) You think of an ice cream cone when you hear the word "skyscraper" and you remember the big ISALY'S tower at Mahoning and Glenwood.  (it stood for "I shall always love you sweetheart!" didn't it?)

  2) You think "UCLA" stands for "University at the Corner of Lincoln Avenue"

  3) You think of Idora Park when you have greasy French Fries with lots of salt and vinegar.

  4) You actually ate (and necked) at the Twin-Kiss Drive-in and Handy Andy's.

  5) You can name all three lakes in Mill Creek Park.

  6) Your first words were, "Barney Bean"!(Who recently died)

  7) You think all newspapers have ink that rubs off on your hands.

  8.) Whenever you hear the words Lockwood Boulevard you immediately get the urge to drag race and you remember the Road Knights Hot Rod club!

  9) You have a Maureen McGovern album (2 bonus points if it's the soundtrack to "The Poseidon Adventure")

  10) The first graffiti you ever saw said either Joe-Val or Doonie Bros

  11) Your baby food came from The Big Apple (at Midlothian & South)

  12) You know what the letters WFMJ stand for.

  13) You think mirror and mere are homonyms.

  14) You were taught that if a kid with a last name ending in "a," "i,"or "o" tries to take your lunch money, just give it to him.

  15) Until you were 12 you thought there were only two religions: Catholic and Public.

  16) You know where Woodworth is and that it was once known as Steamtown.

  17) You know the time and location of every Friday Night Fish Fry in a 10 mile radius.

  18 ) You used to think 'sheetintube' was one word.

  19) You've memorized lines from The Godfather and actually say them in everyday situations.

  20) Your latest cultural experience is standing in line to buy pirogies at your local Polish, Slovak,Ukrainian or Hungarian church on Friday.

  21) Your mom used to say, "You're gonna drive me to Woodside! (The local loony bin (2 bonus points if you actually did).

  22) You have an aunt who dreamed of working at Packard Electric but settledfor being a beautician.

  23) You know what a Jambar is.

  24) You've been towed by Passarelli's.

  25) Your prom date included driving out to Cowden Road to watch the ghost lights.

  26) You actually drove to New Castle looking for the "green man".

  27) You're over 50 but you can still say Steel City Chevrolet ten times realfast without swearing.

  28) The first time you heard the phrase cell phone, you thought it was that telephone you used to talk with your Uncle Guido through that plate glass window.

  29) You don't understand that it's a joke when somebody says, "Youngstown police are the best money can buy".

  30) You think of fireworks when you hear the word Lowellville.

  31) You've water skied on Milton, Berlin or Mosquito.

  32) Whenever you heard a loud explosion the words "mob hit" flashed through your mind.

  33) You have at least one male relative who used to run numbers when he was laid off from the "mill" (2 bonus points if it was you.

  34) Everybody you know has at least one Italian brother-in-law.

  35) You can say "My parents live in Poland" without batting an eye.

  36) You think Campbell rhymes with mammal and Struthers is pronounced Strudders.

  37) All your old Halloween costumes were designed to fit over a snowsuit.

  38) You can't for the life of you understand why all your out-of-town friends don't know what Wedding Soup is.

  39) You have 101 favorite recipes for kielbassi and sauerkraut.

  40) You think people from Canfield, Poland, Howland and Cortland are rich snobs.

  41) You think driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow.

  42) You bought your first Neil Sedaka record at The Voo downtown.

  43) You think 20F is kinda chilly.

  44) You got your first kiss in the tunnel at Idora Park.
  45) You were in college the first time you saw the words honest and politician in the same sentence. You thought it was a typographical error.

  46) When you hear the name DeNiro you think of Vince rather than Robert.  47) You know what Brier Hill pizza is.

  48) You can't understand what all the hype is over Rolling Rock beer.

  49) You know that "Charlie the Crab" wasn't a seafood restaurant.

  50) You know who Jimbo Traficant is and still love him and would vote for him.

  And finally, you know there's no better place to live than Youngstown, Ohio where the               people are the most friendly you'll meet anywhere on the planet.